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Rendering Outline

This page is for your deeply understanding of CAR STYLING Special Edition "Rhino 3D Modeling".

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Rendering is one of the techniques for a modeler to aim at intention understanding with a designer, and in order that it may tell a 3-dimensional form to a modeler, it is drawing which drew the idea sketch minutely more. The purpose of the rendering introduced on the other hand here is on the final stage of a design to perform the form check before processing by simulation of the quality of the material (textures) and a color, scale model manufacture, or rapid prototyping in various space and configuration.

And when making the picture which has a reality very much, it is possible not only design examination but to obtain the picture for media like WEB or magazine advertising by using the software which specialized in the rendering. Suppose that Flamingo which operates on Rhinoceros is used from the main point of being able to operate by oneself who does modeling, performing a rendering simple, without carrying out complicated data translation of delivering modeling data to other rendering software, and performing the design presentation of that result in this chapter. The rendering by the ray tracing method which can express reflection, refraction, and a shadow, and the radiosity method which also calculates many-fold diffusion reflection is possible for Flamingo.

A process upto rendering is shown in the following figure. Although it is a fundamental flow, material, camera and light are set up repeating in fact the simple rendering which can be performed in a short time.


Material setting

It's better to use the existing material library which the most of rendering software have.
Flamingo also has the various material like metal, plastic, glass and so on. In order to use or edit library, it is necessary to consider basic color, reflection, and refraction.
Although the below three spheres are the same basic colors (RGB:247,247,247), if reflective finish is made high (0.974), metal expression like left sphere can be created. And also transparent body like right sphere can be created by changing transparency (0.9) and refractive index (water: 1.33, glass:1.52-1.8, diamond:2.417).


Furthermore, by adjusting highlight, diffusion reflective (Center, Highlight: OFF) and specular surface reflective (Right) are simulated, and it can use for setting the textures of various objects.


On the other hand, only the uniform object surface can be expressed with these surface property. Local color, design, reflection, and roughness (bamp) are expressed with mapping technique, sticking 2-dimensional picture on 3-dimensional model. According to use, there are plane mapping, cylinder mapping, spherical mapping, and UV mapping. The following figures are 2-dimensional pictures for mapping and its result.


*Sidewall stamp:Planer mapping and Bump
*Car Styling Logo:Planer mapping, Transparency of white part, Bump, Self-illumination
*Tred:Cylindrical mapping, Bump

Camera setting
Please refer the Car Styling Special Edition"Rhino 3D Modeling"Page 60

Light setting
Please refer the Car Styling Special Edition"Rhino 3D Modeling"Page 72
You can download the rendering model actually in use.


Please refer the Car Styling Special Edition"Rhino 3D Modeling"Page 84

Let you know the actual rendering scene at the end. Model data is 2005 Saleen S281Mustang by Mr. Phil window open Mr. Toru Kosakanew window open added the floor to renderings based on this data. The material of all objects and a light are set up.

The point should be mentioned is this rendering was done with the only one spotlight light. Although the number of lights tends to be increased when carrying out the rendering of the object which has volume like a car, the number of lights also affects rendering time. Brilliant expression of the shape and the material is carried out in spite of simple composition called the background of a monotone with the single light by the camera angle for emphasizing tail volume by the specular surface-like floor in a completely different class arranged on production. A rendering here is performed for decision-making of design modeling as the beginning described. Keeping a simple and quick rendering in mind will be connected with the nimbleness of decision-making.


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